A Year in the life of Triplets

Yes this post isn't technically teaching related, however, I can't help but share. After a whole year, I have completed a video of my toddler triplets by recording 1 second of them everyday! Starting from January 10th 2012 I went about recording clips of my children everyday for the next 365 days! Using the 1 second everyday app to help put together most of the footage, I did end up having to do some of the editing on my computer as my wife and other family members had footage on their phones.

It is a video that I adore watching and it really does emphasise the idea that time moves so quickly. The 6 minutes make it so clear how fast our children grow up and how important it is to really appreciate and enjoy every second you have as a parent with your children. I am incredibly blessed to have beautiful children, watching this video will be a constant reminder of how lucky I am. I recommend doing this as a parent, not only to treasure precious memories but also to reflect that you are giving your children an enjoyable childhood.

The idea came from reading an article on the BBC Website. After viewing this I started to think about how I could use the app as a parent but also as a teacher. To read more about how I have used this app as a teacher, click here. I also wrote a guest blog post for the guardian show how this idea can be used in different ways in the classroom, again you can view this article here.

Please click the image to read a report in the local newspaper -

The story has also been in the national press:


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