Paper based apps in KS1

Sometimes the most simple apps can be the most effective! On a recent training day as part of my Year Group Cluster Training Package, I was shown the app 'Marvel,' by teachers at Elworth Primary.
This app is a prototyping app for mobile and web. The app involves creating a series of pages, these can be taken using the camera, loaded from the camera roll or dropbox. The app allows you to then create link boxes to other pages. When completed, the app turns into a mobile app that allows you to tap the screen and be taken to the desired page.

I have previously blogged about a similar app, Pop, which you can read here. Today, I decided to give Marvel a go with Year 1 linked with their latest English topic, based on the book 'Dark by Lemony Snicket'

The book is about a boy, Laszio, and his fear of the dark. We started discussing what fears the children have and why it makes them afraid.

We listed some and then moved onto discussing how we show our fear. We started at the top and worked down the body and listed where on our face do we show it? Where on our bodies do we show fear? 

The children the snapped a selfie of themselves showing fear. They then created pictures of everything they were afraid of onto a piece of paper and photographed it. Using the app Marvel they could link their selfie with their drawings. Have a look yourself, (click the name to go back to the main screen. )

There is so much potential with this app! I would love to know how other teachers use it so please do tweet or message me on facebook.


  1. Great idea Mr P! We are doing a project with Year 2 students about emotions and I would love to do something similar to express different emotions. Love it! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Great blog!


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