Learning all about 2D Shapes!

With the Year 3 class I have been working with over the last couple of weeks we have been creating some information eBooks all about 2D shapes.

It has been a great way to encourage children to share what they know about different shapes. It has also given them a purpose to learn the properties of 2D shapes they didn't previously know.

We first started by using the app Shape Lab for the children to create different shapes. I have previously blogged about this app here. 

The children were challenged to  create as many different triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons etc and then take a screenshot of each page -

Using the app Book Creator, they then used all of their screenshots to create an eBook. On each page, they used the wide range of tools available including the text, drawing and audio tool. They had to label each shape and record a short audio clip explaining the properties of each shape. Here is one of their efforts as a video - 


Book Creator is easily one of the most versatile and powerful apps available. I have used it in class in so many different ways before and here is another example of how it can be used in any curriculum area to enhance learning. 


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