Honey, I shrunk the class!

I love using technology to create WOW moments to inspire writing. When children can create content that inspires their imaginations they are completely engaged with their writing. One tool that continues to inspire writing is Greenscreen! I have previously used Greenscreen in lots of different ways such as -
Exploring our own Jurassic World
Jurassic School
Mr P is abducted by Aliens
Multimedia Digital Stories 
Making new knowledge stick!

Today Greenscreen was used to inspire stories where the children were shrunk to a fraction of their size. Using the app Doink Greenscreen, we created videos giving the illusion that the children were tiny in size, exploring the classroom where everything was massive. These videos were then shared with the class and the visuals provided the children with the perfect stimulus to write a story to accompany the videos. They then performed their writing over the videos to create some amazing digital stories! Within the recording process, children would naturally check, change and improve their writing once they had listened back to themselves.

Here is one of their efforts -

As the children are going to the cinema tomorrow we decided to celebrate our Children in Need Superhero day today. All the children came to school wearing superhero costumes! In Year one, we used Greenscreen to fly like superheroes and discussed all the qualities a superhero needs and what we can do to be superheroes in the class. This is what they created -

Greenscreen is just one of many tools Mr P uses to bring the curriculum to life. Follow this link to read more about how Mr P can help you use technology to raise standards in the classroom. 


  1. Hello,

    This is a brilliant idea. Would you say that that this is the best app to purchase at present, for using the green screen technique? Also, do you need to purchase a green sheet for this to work or is it one that works really well against a plain background? (Sorry for sounding daft but this is all very new to me).

  2. We would love to use this app! How do you make the background zoom in while film the opening scene?


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