Melvin McGee - Zombie Hunter!

I couldn't be happier to see that Mat Sullivan's (InspiredMind5) first novel has been released!

I have worked along Mat for a few years as part of the #Go2 team. I was leading some training at Mat's school when he talked to me about his idea for his first book. I was straight away hooked, the idea of a child-friendly zombie book sounded like a winner!

When I got an early draft of the book, I immediately read some to a couple of classes and they loved it! That's when I knew it was going to be popular with children!

The book tells the story of Melvin, who has just turned 10 and quickly discovers his town is infested with crazed, brain-gobbling zombies. Here is the trailer -

The book is fantastic and one children (especially boys) will love! The artwork by the very talented Marek Jagucki matches the fantastic storytelling and creates a wonderful book that I am sure children will treasure!

The reason I feel this book will be a great tool for teachers as a class read is that the author, Mat, is also the author of 'A Second Book of Exciting Sentences' co-written with Alan Peat.

He has also written 'Developing Writing through Comics' and The Ultimate Guide to Non-Fiction Writing. Both of these books are amazing resources for the English classroom. The book includes plenty of examples of exciting sentences within the context of the story. Therefore, teachers can use this as a way of discussing with the children the effect certain sentences have on the reader and why the author used has used a particular sentence in that part of the story?

When it comes to the exciting sentence approach, the challenge for a lot of teachers isn't getting their class using the sentences but using them well for effect. Being able to discuss this within the context of a fun and engaging story can be another useful resource and help children deepen their understanding of writing effective stories.

I am currently working with Mat to create a teacher's eBook with lots of activities and lessons linked to the novel. Watch this space!

I am also very excited to announce that I have 5 FREE copies of the book up for grabs on my facebook page, the winner will be announced very soon so share and like this post to be in with a chance of winning!

IT'S HALLOWEEN COMPETITION TIME! We have five copies of Mathew Sullivan's (Inspired Minds) new novel, 'Melvin McGee:...
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  1. Any idea what the ebook linked to the Zombie Hunter book will be available?


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