5 Useful iOS 11 Updates for Teachers

Recently, Apple released iOS 11 and with the update are some great new features. I have put this video together of some of my favourite new features which I think teachers will find really useful.

The downside with the new update is that there are now quite a few apps that will no longer work. @ICTEvangelist recently blogged about this and how to find out which ones are no longer compatible with iOS11. You can read it here. 

On my iPad there are 810!!! Now some of them I have downloaded and never used in the classroom. There are however a number that I regularly use and am gutted they will no longer work. Tellagami, Thinking Blocks, Epic Citadel and some of the AR apps I had, are the ones that stand out the most. Luckily with iOS11 the ARKit will bring some impressive new apps into the classroom.

Fingers crossed, most of the developers will be able to update the apps in the near future. Here is the list of apps on my iPad that will no longer work:


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