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My golden rule of teaching is 'Make Them Care.' Making sure there is a purpose to everything children do in class for me is imperative. Assessment is never the purpose, that happens due to effective and engaging teaching. I truly believe technology can add a real purpose in lots of different ways. Here is an example using one of my recent purchases - The UpAir One Drone.

I have to say so far I have been incredibly impressed. The quality of the camera is amazing and it is very easy to use and set up. The battery lasts around 15mins flight time, which is probably the only downside. 

I knew the children would absolutely relish having a go with this and so my Year 6 digital leaders were able to fly the drone over the school grounds, recording their journey. Once we shared the footage to our iPads, the pupils wrote and performed a guide in iMovie adding a soundtrack composed in Garageband. 

Knowing this would be shared online and featured on our school blog, website and social media channels, added purpose to the project for the children. Here is their finished effort:

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