Tinybop apps to enhance learning in the classroom

I feel technology can enhance and transform learning in lots of different ways. On my training, I focus more on using the technology to create content. There are however, some fantastic consumer apps that are a fantastic way for children to learn and practise and deepen their knowledge and understanding. Some recent apps I have thoroughly enjoyed using in the classroom are the Tinybop collection.

I have previously blogged about using the Robot Factory app, you can read about it here. 

I have been enjoying using the top row of Tinybop apps in the classroom linked with our science topics. The Human Body, Earth, Weather and Space apps are fantastic ways for children to explore and learn through play and discovery. 

The apps have been purposely designed full of interactive activities for children to play and learn about different concepts. My children have been learning all about the human body and so the Tinybop Human Body app has been a great way for children to learn more about the topic. The attention to detail is fantastic. The students can explore every aspect of the body and deepen their understanding through play. There are lots of different activities the children can play to learn about how the body works. The app works well for both KS1 and KS2 and children of all abilities will be able to use the app to help enhance their topic learning about the Human Body. You can see the app in action here:

The whole range of apps work in a very similar way and are a fantastic resource to enhance learning in Science. The team at Tinybop have also created some great guides for teachers which you can read here.

I am very excited to have 5 copies of the Human Body app up for grabs through my Facebook page. Please watch and follow the following instructions:


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