Evertoon Fun!

Evertoon has been an app on my radar for a while. I had the opportunity to play with a beta version of the app and I saw straight away the potential in the classroom.

The app allows you to create an animation of two characters interacting. You have the ability to design yourself as a character. Adding a costume and background to your scene.

You are able to use the camera to take a photo of yourself and add it into the scene.

There is also a selection of celebrities you can also choose from.

Once you have designed your characters, you can then create a dialogue. A character's actions can be created by selecting an emoji. Each emoji will make the character act in a certain way. There is the option to then use the microphone to record what the character says.

The app has a 9+ rating and some of the emojis make the character act in a rude way (kissing, passing wind etc) however there is so much potential with the app.

A couple of initial ideas:

  • Visualise how to write direct speech, using the actions to aid reporting clauses.
  • Create interviews with famous people, book characters, famous historical figures.
  • Use in PSHCE to act out how to be friendly, how to treat each other. 
  • Create a stimulus for a story.
  • Act out a debate or discussion about an issue.
  • Persuasive arguments.
Here is a quick example I created playing around with the app.

If you use any of these ideas or use the app in class, please share some examples of what you create and I would be happy to share!


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