50+ iPad lessons for Exciting Sentences!

I am extremely pleased to announce that my first printed book will be released in early October. The book, 50+ iPad lessons for Exciting Sentences, promises to be, an idea rich addition to the Exciting Sentences series. The book is co-written with Alan Peat, who created and wrote the first Exciting Sentences book. If you don't have a copy of the original books, follow these links - Exciting Sentences, Second book of Exciting Sentences. These are a MUST for the primary classroom and I have seen first hand how it has transformed and improved children's writing. I am also proud to have Simon Matthews on design for this project, his amazing work on previous books including Mat Sullivan's, 'Developing Writing Through Comics,' is phenomenal. Simon's latest project is the wonderful onesworldwar.com, which you can read about here. It is a fantastic resource and well worth a look.

The forthcoming book will aim to support teachers who use the Exciting Sentence approach and have access to mobile technology. Although it is primarily iPad based, there are links to alternative Android apps so it will be useful to any teacher with a mobile device in the classroom. The book consists of 15 key apps, from which a range of different lesson ideas to help children deepen and further their understanding of using Exciting Sentences in their writing. The book contains links to the new Primary Curriculum and contains plenty of REAL classroom examples.

The book will be available in both printed and digital form. The digital eBook will be updated regularly if any of the apps are updated and redesigned. There will be an opportunity to buy the digital copy at a discount if you buy a printed version. 

This will be the first in a series of books both myself and Alan will be working on. The next will be 50+ iPad lessons for Non Fiction writing. It will be another book that will show the potential of using the iPad to enhance and transform writing into a range of multimedia digital media. This will accompany another non-fiction publication from Creative Educational Press written by Mat and Alan. 

Many of the ideas and lessons from the book are discussed on INSET and training I provide, if you are interested, please visit this link, if you are interested in upcoming conferences click here. After the success of my first eBook '15 iPad lessons for the World Cup,' I also have my next eBook currently in edit, which I am hoping will be ready in the next couple of weeks. 

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