Selfie Carroll Diagrams!

I have previously used the app Doodle Buddy for children to sort data into a Carroll diagram - I have blogged using the app for data handling activities here.

Today I used another app to create a Carroll Diagram. The app Pic Collage is an app used a lot in schools but not always used to enhance learning, rather substitute what can be done on paper with colourful posters. I have previously blogged about different ways to use Pic Collage to enhance learning here. Today I used it with a class of year 1/2 to create some Carroll Diagrams.

First the children set their background as the blank Carroll Diagram then using the iPad camera took pictures of children in the class and sorted them into the necessary sections. The children loved the activity to create and sort data, the results were fantastic!

It wouldn't just be carroll diagrams that pic collage can be used for, venn diagrams and pictograms could also be created. Children may not necessarily need to take selfies of each other as data, it could be shapes around the classroom maybe? What is for sure is that this is another great way to use Pic Collage in the classroom!


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