Traditional Folktales with Nandos!

I'll be the first to admit I do enjoy a 'cheeky' Nando's! My students are the same, it is one of their favourites! On a recent visit to one of their fine restaurants, I noticed this on the wall -

It tells the story of the Barcelos Cockerel, a Portuguese Legend, linked to the symbol of the restaurant. You can read a version of the legend from the Nando's website here. In my constant search for ways to make writing relevant and meaningful for my students, we decided to use it in class. 

With my Year 3 group, we looked at the story, we discussed why Nando's have used it, whether it was true and what makes it a legend. We discussed how these stories were usually passed through oral storytelling first and so the finer details may change. To prove this, we compared the version from the Nando's website with another version - you can read it here

We discussed the similarities and differences before discussing writing our own versions. The next lesson was spent editing and improving their efforts before working together to create a version to be performed. 

Here was an example of a finished story - 

As a further challenge, I wanted to see how the children could use technology and bring their writing to life through performance. They could choose which app to use- most went for Adobe Voice or Puppetpals, both of which we had used recently. Their work would then be published on the school YouTube channel.  Here is one of their efforts -

The added incentive would be that we would send the children's efforts to Nando's in the hope they would reply and share their work! They were made up when Nando's did comment to let us know how impressed they were -

We hope you enjoy the children's work too! Please feel free to leave them a comment and share their work!

UPDATE - 20/04/16

I was amazed to arrive in school today and be welcomed by a package sent from Nando's head office! In it was this letter -

Including in the package were 'chicken cheques' meal vouchers for all the children and a huge poster of the legend of the Barcelos Cockerel! Thank you so much to the team at Nando's for this, it made the children's day! They were so proud to be rewarded for their hard work in such a lovely way.


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