Creating our own 'Bubbles' animations!

The animation 'Bubbles' by Gabriela Zapata is a fantastic way to inspire writing! A brilliant example of visual literacy that can spark discussion and lead into some impressive writing.

Today I was working in Rackhouse Primary in Manchester. I have been working with staff and pupils for the past couple of years and I love what is happening there. They have such an enthusiastic staff and it is great when I visit and see how creative they have been with some of the ideas from my training! Make sure you check out their blog and their facebook page

I had the pleasure of working in Year 3 today and so we set our expectations high with a project where children would make their own Bubbles animations! It was a BIG challenge with the children having to write a story and then use Augmented Reality, Greenscreen, Photoshop and Movie editing to bring it to life! However, with children so confident in using technology as a learning tool, they managed to create some amazing examples of work!

We used a range of apps to create their stories. We started by watching the film, discussing the story and then discussed where we would travel on our bubbles. The students designed their own bubbles and brought them to life using the app Quiver. 

We recorded the first scene on the gloomy beach discovering the bubbles in front of a greenscreen in Quiver. The pupils add their backgrounds using the app Doink Greenscreen. 

They used the app Pic Collage to photoshop themselves onto a bubble before using Puppetpals to create an animation showing the journey to their fantasy world. Everything was then put together in iMovie where the students then performed their writing over the video clips! I hope you will agree that their finished examples are amazing! The pupils worked so hard and I was so impressed by what they achieved in half a day! 

The following video shows everything we did with some of the finished examples - 

I just want to say a massive thank you to the staff and pupils at Rackhouse, it was a pleasure!

I have to also share the wonderful experience some of the pupils had last week when they received an unexpected phone call from TIM PEAKE!!! Incredible! Check out the video here - 

Tim Peake calls our Year 5 classes. from Rack House Videos on Vimeo.


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