A New Exciting Sentence!

I am a massive fan of Alan Peat and Mat Sullivan's Exciting Sentences. Ever since Alan visited our school in 2011, we have implemented Alan's approach as a whole school and it has had a massive impact on writing. This isn't to say we solely use Alan's approach, we mix in other bits and bobs. However, for me personally, Alan's approach has had the biggest impact on writing in my classroom. I am very fortunate to work alongside Alan and we will be bringing our joint conference to Newcastle, Llandudno and Cornwall in the Summer term - Click here for details.

The Exciting Sentence approach is a wonderful way for children to apply a range of different sentence types into their writing. The following resources are worth looking into -

Click the images to follow links for the apps

Click the images to follow links for the books.

A lot of teachers use the exciting sentences and use them brilliantly, however, I have seen teachers who misuse the approach. Alan has blogged about this issue and I would recommend reading it - CLICK HERE

You should make sure the amount of time spent learning how to construct the sentences should be matched with time spent looking at WHEN to use the sentences and WHY to use it. This will help children apply the sentences independently and for effect in their writing. 

I am constantly on the look out for other exciting sentences I can use in the classroom and the other week I managed to find one!

Introducing the -

3 things - means one thing... sentence

The inspiration came from a short clip from the upcoming Disney film - Zootopia. See if you can spot it in the first minute -

Did you spot it?

"Polar Bear fur, ratpack music, fancy cup - I know whose car this is, we've got to go"

The three things - means one thing... sentence is a great way to build suspense to a big reveal. The ellipses can be added for extra effect. This big reveal can be a character -

A white limousine, cigarette smoke, high heels - it could mean only one thing... Cruella had arrived.

Or to reveal a setting, season or time - 

Dark clouds, cold breeze, falling leaves - it could mean only one thing... Autumn was here!

The sentence would also be a useful opener in non-fiction texts such as persuasion -

Incredible prices, fantastic deals, delicious foods - it can be only one place.... The Deli Sandwich Shop!

Or to introduce a Non-Chron Report -

A new religion, six wives, three children - it can be only one thing... Henry VIII's reign was significant and intriguing.

I would love to know what you think of the sentence and would love to see how others use it with their students! 


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