Interacting with IWB using ProConnect app!

I am a massive fan of apps like Socrative and Plickers to assess children's understanding and evaluate their work. Another app/tool I have discovered recently is ProConnect. This FREE app links with the ProWise Presenter software. The software is designed for use with ProWise screens, however, the presenter tool works on any Mac or PC so can be displayed on any IWB. The presenter tool is free and is similar to other IWB software -

What drew me to this tool was the app available on iPads. Children can log into your ProConnect room and then engage in a variety of activites -

There are some fantastic maths games where the children have to answer questions as quick as they can to finish first. I also love the word cloud tool where every child in the class can contribute live to a whole class word bank of vocabulary. You can also create a whole class Mindmap which would be a great way to start or finish a topic. 

Once you set up one of the activities, a room code will generate so the children can log in using the ProConnect app on their iPads -

It is well worth a look as it is completely FREE to set up an account for the ProWise Presenter tool! There is also a ProQuiz tool that allows you to create a quiz that can be shared using the ProConnect app. 

Here is a quick video about the Presenter tool -

Would love to know what you think and how you use it in class!


  1. I love applications like this, I also agree that Plickers is a great tool to use in the classroom for AFL. I think a lot of apps or software like this are generally overlooked as AFL tools. I actually let the children design their own questions to use on Plickers when they gave a presentation once, it helped to create a sense of community in the class and made sure everyone was engaged!

  2. Love this app. Tried it today with my y2 class collecting ideas for a sound collector poem using the mind mapping function and again in our maths lesson for some number problems. Extremely easy for the children sign in and they loved it.

  3. Love this app. Used this today with my year2 class to mind map ideas for a Sound Collector style poem and then again in maths for number problems. Very easy for the children to sign in and easy for me to send them the work. They loved it .


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