Math Shake - Brilliant for Word Problems!

When it comes to assessments in maths, it can be tricky for some children to be able to extract the number sentence from a word problem before they solve it. It is also hard for a teacher to be in 30 places at once to make sure the pupils have got it right. An app I have been using for a while now helps with both these problems!

Math Shake from @TopStoreyApps is a brilliant app to use in Maths. The app has six levels of difficulty and children can choose which operation to focus on or do all of them. They are then given a word problem and have to press on the key facts to build their number sentence. If they do not get it correct they are instantly told and, therefore made to check their answer. 

Once they have figured out the correct number sentence, they are automatically taken to a whiteboard with a range of maths tools they can use to solve the calculation. The app also has a record feature to allow children to record the screen as they calculate the answer. They can then enter their answer and again if it is wrong they are taken back to their working out and encouraged to check their work. When they get it correct, another word problem will show. 

I highly recommend this app, it encourages children to work independently and helps them decode word problems. If you head over to my facebook page, we have 5 FREE codes up for grabs!! See the link below!

FREE APP GIVEAWAY!!! I am very excited to have 5 FREE codes for the BRILLIANT Math Shake app! It is a fantastic app to...
Posted by ICT with Mr P on Monday, June 22, 2015


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