Exploring Jurassic World!

If you are anything like me, today is a special day! Today sees the release of the much anticipated 'Jurassic World,' film. As a huge fan of the original movie, I hope this new film will live up to the hype and expectation.

It seems many children in my class are also excited about the film. So it was only right for us to use it as a stimulus in class!

The team behind the film have created a website that allows you to watch live feeds from the park.


It gives the illusion that the park is real and open!

This convinced most of the class as they explored. The website also shares lots of information about the park that children can read and enjoy.

After giving children some time to read and explore the website. I challenged them to make their own similar website all about the park in a similar style. We used the app 'Adobe Slate' which is a fantastic tool for creating content with images and text in a stylish and eye-catching way.

It was fantastic for children to be able to easily create a guide in a similar and professional looking method as the official site! It also was an opportunity to see whether the children could remember features that we had covered before half term!

The engagement from the class has made me think of other dino-related activites, so watch this space. In the meantime, please enjoy one of their examples -

Jurassic Park


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