Alan Peat presents... Using Technology to deliver the New Primary Curriculum 4th June 2015 North Yorkshire

Thanks to all that came to the Swaledale Alliance conference on Thursday 4th June 2015. I had a great day sharing ideas and strategies to enhance the new curriculum using technology.

Thank you for all the positive feedback and lovely comments - 

OMG! I knew it would be good, but wow! I was emailing my headteacher by 11am, asking to set up a blog, had planned next weeks Literacy by 2pm and been inspired by Augmented Reality for transforming displays by 3! Thank you so much and keep up the great work!
Excellent and inspirational. Would love to go into more depth and have more hands on time to play! I will talk to head re; cluster training. Thank you!
Lots of great ideas and practical tips/pointers. Entertaining, interesting and will definitely (i hope) improve how we use iPads in the classroom.
Very informative, inspirational and most of all enjoyable.
Very inspiring - Hope i can begin to use these ideas with my class soon. Will feedback at school for further training on the suggested apps so we get the best use of them. An enjoyable day! Thanks!
Thanks for a super day; lots to think about and use back in school.
Enjoyed course! Good ideas from Lee.
Very useful and full of ideas to go away and investigate and try in school. 
Loads of great ideas to take away and inspire children.
Lots of really useful tips on what Apps to use, how to make use of iPads beneficial in class. Really interesting and engaging.
Totally inspired - cant wait to share with staff and children back at school!
This was a fantastic training session that really inspired me. I cant wait to go back to school and share the ideas! Thank you!
Fantastic day, lots to take in and think about how to implement! Great ideas and very passionate! Liked all the examples and the time to play on the apps.
Great opportunity to see inspirational and great ideas that are tried and tested by someone at the chalkface. Practical and brilliant. Will definitely put most of these ideas into practice! Thank you!
Lots of excellent ideas and suggestions. A  thoroughly worthwhile and enjoyable day.

Remember you can book Mr P fo INSET and CPD at your school and for conference keynotes internationally, please email - for more details!


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