Learning About The Human Body In Year 1

Year 1 are learning all about the human body. Today, we used technology to enhance this topic further. First, we used the brillaint Virtuali-tee app from Curiscope. Click here to read more about this app. To order a t-shirt, click here.

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Once we had explored and discussed the different parts of our body, the children all took turns wearing a green t-shirt and used the camera to photograph each other. They pupils then used Doink Greenscreen to create a picture that looked like we could see inside their body.

Once the pupils had uploaded their pictures to Seesaw, we used the explain and reflect tool in Seesaw to label the major organs. 

Finally, with the help of our Digital Leaders, some children were able to record a video explaining how some of our organs work, see the video here:

The children loved using the technology to provide the WOW through the use of Augmented Reality but then using different creative tools to share their knowledge and understanding. 


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