Something Old, Something New in Year 2

Today I worked with Year 2. Their new topic is "Something Old, Something New." I decided to challenge the pupils to record videos explaining some objects from my youth which have since become obsolete due to more developed technology.

It was inspired after I saw this video online:

After providing pictures of a variety of objects:

The children used the app Shadow Puppets Edu to create short videos explaining what they thought these objects were and what they were used for. I have to admit I had a laugh at some of their innocent suggestions, which cheered me up after I realised how old I am! 

Once we completed the first video, we spent time talking about the objects and what they actually did and how modern technology has replaced many of them. The children then created another video giving an explanation of what they had learnt about each object. 

Using the app Shadow Puppets gave every child the opportunity to express their predictions and ideas and new found understanding. It allowed the children to practise their oracy skills and continue to develop key digital literacy skills by recording, editing and then uploading their final efforts to Seesaw. 

This video has some of my favourite little clips:


  1. What a fun creative project! This is a great way not just to engage students digital literacy skills but in a bit of history as well, and to encourage them to think about how technology is continually changing and how one day they might help it change for the better. So many engaging levels to this project, and a fun step back in the past. Thanks for sharing!


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