Retelling Stories with Shadow Puppets Edu

For the past couple of weeks, I have been working with Year 2. Their topic is "Something old, something new." This has been linked to the story - Granny's Quilt by Penny Ives.

Last week, the students used the app Shadow Puppets Edu to record their thoughts on pictures of things from my youth which has now been replaced with modern technology. You can watch their efforts here.

This week we used the same app for a different task. Now the children had read the story a few times in class, I challenged them to create a video retelling the story in their own words.

The reason why Shadow Puppets Edu has become one of my go-to apps for KS1 is how versatile it is and how simple it is for pupils to use. Once they had selected a number of images from the book, they recorded themselves explaining that part of the story and then repeated the process for each image and then saved the finished video to their Seesaw portfolios.

Here are a couple of their examples:


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