Virtual School Tour for our School Website

Last week, I challenged my digital leaders to create a tour of our school on the iPads. Our current tour  on the website has a birds eye picture of our school with pictures of different parts of the school. I wanted the children to be involved in this process. In pairs, they recorded themselves in different locations around the school, sharing information about the location they were recording from.

These were then shared via Airdrop to another iPad where children were then linking the videos to a bird eye picture of the school using the app Thinglink.

Once created, the children published the thinglink to our channel and from here we would embed it on our school website.

Here is the tour the digital leaders created:

To see what this looks like on our school website - click here.

It was a fantastic activity that the children really enjoyed knowing the finished results would feature on the school website. It was lovely to see and hear how proud the children are of the school they go to!


  1. An excellent tool for teaching. Children enjoy it when they check the results.

  2. Is the version of thinglink free? How did you get the videos to link to the image?

    It's very impressive, well done all.


  3. Very cool, that is a great teaching tool, congratulations to yourself and the students for such a good job, you can really see their love for the school. Can imagine it is good for teaching speaking skills, and obviously technology skills as well. You could potentially use this for other subjects and topics like Geography, History, there are lots of potential applications.


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