Google Expeditions in the Classroom!

Today has been a day I have been looking forward to for over six months. When I first heard about Google Expeditions, I immediately tried to sign up to find out in was only available in America. Fast forward a few months and Google have now deployed the tool in England and what an amazing tool it is!

So thanks to +Dughall McCormick who sent the Google team my way, I was able to book a day with a Google representative. They brought in two class sets of the Google Cardboard headsets with Android devices. 

The cardboard headsets can be used with children aged 7 and over so all our KS2 classes had a lesson with them. On each of the devices was the 'Google Expeditions' app. This is available on iOS and Android. The teachers had to choose from the 250 expeditions available. We tried to link these to our current topics. Each teacher then controlled the session through the leader tool within the app. Here they can load the different scenes from each expedition. On all the pupil's devices the 360 panoramic image loads. They can view this in 3D using the headset or through the magic window tool if you were to use iPads. Each panoramic picture has a text box full of information and suggested questions for the teacher to share and ask as children are exploring. 

Within each image there are some hotspots that the teacher can orientate the class to and then share some more information. See one of the lessons in action here:

It was a truly amazing day. The children were in awe with every place they explored. The best thing about it was Google came into school for FREE!!! If you want to book a session, just follow this link!

Here is a video I made with pictures and videos from the day:

To see a more detailed explanation of the app, check out this Facebook Live video I made earlier:

Watch this space for some amazing work the children will produce from the rich learning experience today!


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