Bitmoji for Behaviour

Bitmoji is a great little app where you can turn yourself into a cartoon character and then generate different pictures to show your feelings, moods and thoughts.

I have previously blogged about the app here. 

Our school is now using Seesaw as a platform to evidence learning. I love it. It is saving our staff so much time and allowing us to now deliver and evidence so much more learning. I talk about it a lot on my training.  I thought of this idea as a way to bring both Seesaw and Bitmoji together as a way to reward attitude, behaviour and effort in a fun way.

Whenever you feel a child has impressed you and deserves recognition, use bitmoji to save an image showing how you feel about their behaviour, work, effort, achievement etc:

 These are a couple of examples. There are loads in the app, some not appropriate so I would advise only using this app on your teacher iPad.

If you then put the picture in Seesaw, tag the child and comment explaining the reason, the children will then be able to see how much you appreciated their hard work. This is particularly useful if you have the Seesaw for parents app set up as parents will also see this and can discuss it at home with their child.

You can then say once a student has three special photos in their portfolio, they will receive a special prize and link this to your whole school behaviour system. It is just a nice visual way to show how much you appreciated their efforts and achievements. If you don't use Seesaw, you could use Bitmoji for displays or even steps for success:

I hope you find the idea useful and please do share any other ways in which you use this idea and app.


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