Let's Do Spelling From Andrew Brodie!

I have previously blogged about some of the great apps from the team at Andrew Brodie. The Let's Do Mental Maths and the Telling The Time apps are great consumer apps to use in the classroom. Now they have released the Let's Do Spelling Series with an app for every Year group from Year 1-6.

The apps are all tailored to the English Curriculum and has plenty of activities to help children develop their spelling.

With three different activities, including progress tests, the app is easy for children to navigate and use where they can challenge themselves to match their own ability. Their is even the option to create your own spelling lists and activities.

I really like the audio element and how each word is put into a sentence and read aloud before the student then spells the word.

The app uses the tried and test 'learn, write, check' approach in the practice section and each activity has three levels of difficulty. For a quick demo of some of the features, check out the video below:


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