Bedtime Stories - The Latest ReadWritePerform Teaching Pack!

I am so proud to announce that the latest teaching pack from Read Write Perform is now available to download. The feedback from teachers all over the world after using the previous two packs has been fantastic! Both myself and John are so happy to see the impact the packs are having on children's learning! We are so excited about the other packs we have in the pipeline. We have another 20+ packs planned and hoping to have one released each half term.

The latest pack - Bedtime Stories: A Dragon's Adventure - challenges your pupils to write and then retell their own bedtime story all about a dragon. The pack follows the Read Write Perform overview:

The pack guides teachers through with plans, questions and ideas that cover every element of the English curriculum in a cohesive and meaningful way. Far too often I see the writing process in classrooms not reflecting a real writing process. In many cases, reading is separate from writing and performance isn't even considered. Ask any author when they are writing a new book, the first thing they do is read similar books to get a feel of the genre and get inspired with ideas and features to use in their own story. 

If you want your children to write well they have to see well written texts and deconstruct them to learn what works well for them to use it in their own efforts. That is what the pack provides, an exemplar text and comparative texts with questions to help deconstruct, learn and magpie ideas to use in their own writing. The comparative texts are usually film clips or some other visual media. We believe visual media can be a powerful tool in the classroom when used the right way. The pack provides visual media that has text linked for children to access, discuss and deconstruct. John Murray's approach to reading is embedded in the deconstruction part to help children develop key comprehension skills such as: deductive reasoning, inference and authorial intent. 

The deconstruction process also includes questions where SPaG is contextualised. The best way to teach SPaG so that it has an impact on writing is for children to see it in context and understand the impact it has on the reader. If you isolate SPaG it will get them through the test but children won't be able to apply it in their writing for effect. The pack provides questions to help develop children's understanding of spelling, punctuation and grammar so they can utilise it in their writing.

Along with the text there are also performances of the exemplar text from a professional actor along with a video interview with the author. This gives children an insight into the thought process behind the writing and performance.

The pack moves into reconstruction where children work through a shared writing lesson to see the type of sentences they could use in their writing and why they work in that genre. The children then write their own bedtime story with the intention to perform it. The pack then has a step by step guide to using a specific app to help your students capture their performance. The technology is a tool throughout to help enhance every part of the project. 

So why not give it a go! Click the picture below to download your copy today!

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