When learning is real, learning matters!

For me, learning should always be memorable. To do this, teachers should try to provide a real purpose behind everything the children are learning about in class. On my training, I try to show how technology can provide that purpose which can enrich learning and make it memorable. When recently working with Jon Chippendall (@DrChips_) we were discussing how computational thinking can be applied in other areas of the curriculum and I went away with some amazing ideas. 

With Year 3, we were using the brilliant app Motion Math Pizza to apply our maths knowledge in a real world context.

Seeing how engaged the children were with this app, I wanted to look at using it in English. I posed the question - if we were to open our own Pizzeria, what would be the most cost-effective way to get people to visit our shop? We had a few suggestions - posters, TV adverts etc, all of which cost money. One child suggested creating a webpage, so using the iPad the children created their own websites for their Pizza shops. They used the free and brilliant app - Adobe Slate. I have previously blogged about the app here.  You can read one of the children's examples here.

With my other Year 3 group, I wanted to take this idea one step further. Each week, I work with a Year 3 group of children and am currently trialling the use of Seesaw for oral feedback and flipped learning. I will be blogging about this soon. We have been doing lots of narrative writing based on Star Wars and so focused on non-fiction with this idea. 

Making a website for their own virtual business is one thing but how would the children react if they were challenged to create a website for a REAL business? I decided to contact as many local takeaways, restaurants and delicatessens to see if they would like a website created by the children. I was so happy when our local deli, The Deli, in Davyhulme responded saying they were interested in HIRING the children to create a website for their shop. The reaction from the children was incredible, the excitement and sense of responsibility led to some amazing writing. Their writing had a real purpose and so writing mattered to the children! 
Each child wrote their own persuasive advert for the Deli. The next week, once I had orally marked their work and they had then acted upon that feedback, they came together to design the website.

The fantastic book - The Ultimate Guide to Non-Fiction by Mat Sullivan and Alan Peat was such a valuable resource to help with constructing the children's texts.

I loved how focused the children were when it came to using their writing to build and design the website. The discussion, concentration and determination from the children was so inspiring! (Please be aware we had a fundraiser at school the day we made the website so that explains why the children are in their pyjamas!)

The finished site was sent to the team at The Deli and this was their response - 

The website is now being regularly promoted and shared on the social media pages and has its own web address, so please take a look. Please leave the children a comment and share to further help inspire the children with their learning!

This week also created an persuasive YouTube advert for the shop too -

 A massive thank you to the team at The Deli for giving the children this opportunity! It has been such an amazing project and the children have had such a memorable time writing for a real purpose and having their work used, share and publicised for a REAL business!

If you would like to find out more about how technology can be used to provide a purpose with all the children's learning, read details of all the courses Mr P will be leading by clicking here. 


  1. Hi Mr. P, thanks for sharing this activity. It's inspiring. I teach 1-5 ICT in the UAE and am wondering which web site builder your kids used. We are 1:1 iPad so I am searching for the best free site maker/hosting to recommend and teach. (We have not had good luck with Google apps on the iPad.) Thank you.


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