More adventures with Barnaby Bear!

My children are currently in reception, each week one member of the class has to look after the class teddy, Barnaby, for the weekend. They document the weekend in a book with pictures and information about their adventures. What I want to make sure happens is that the child is involved in this process as much as possible, rather than me as a parent doing it all! When Harry brought the bear home earlier this year, we used a couple of apps to enhance what was in the book -

You can read more about what we did by clicking this link

This week, Charlie brought the bear home, again I wanted him involved as much as possible in filling the book up and so he created a video of all the pictures from the weekend along with a video of Barnaby talking through his adventures! Charlie loved it! We used Chatterkids and iMovie. He was so proud of what he created and can't wait to show his teacher and class mates! Although my wife still filled in the book, using technology gave Charlie the opportunity to tell the story of his weekend in a way he couldn't possibly do on paper. Here is his video -

We had Barnaby bear again this weekend! This time it was Charlie's turn! See how we've used technology so Charlie can tell the story of his weekend! Read more here -
Posted by ICT with Mr P - Tech to Raise Standards on Sunday, 7 February 2016


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