Spag Songs with Augmented Reality!

I am very excited to share my latest project with you guys and so decided to present it a little differently.

With the latest update to Airserver, you can create a live stream to YouTube. I decided to give it a go, had a few hiccups, but got there eventually. Once I finished the live stream it was then processed as a video on YouTube so you can watch it all here - 

As promised here are copies of the Trigger Word Mat sheets I created -

UPDATE - 27th September

There has been an amazing response to the video and I want to thank everyone for their kind comments! It is amazing to see how many people have already started their designs and ideas! Really appreciate the tweets and facebook messages!

Theses were shared by @eLearning_Laura, follow here channel on Aurasma - elearningld and scan these brilliant designs!


  1. Hey Mr P,
    I love your blog as it is great for getting ideas. We have just got our I-pads up and running and I am looking at doing a project where the children make a digital prospectus for the school through the eyes of the children. I hope to use the book creator app to do so. As I have not used it before, I was hoping you could help me. When I record videos using the record feature, can you pause and then re-record in another location or will I need to record lots of videos and then edit them together? Also, if I do use movie maker on a desktop to edit, can it then be imported into book creator to use? Finally, as our prospectus will have lots of media - 4 videos ( 90 seconds long) a podcast and photos, is there a limit to file size or overloading the book creator app. I am hoping to them embed the final book creator project on our school website, can this be done?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the amazing work. You are an inspiration!


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