50+ iPad lessons for Non-Fiction

I am delighted that the next book in the '50+ iPad lessons' series is almost ready for release. Following the huge success of the first book - 50+ iPad lessons for Exciting Sentences - comes the next book focusing on enhancing non-fiction writing using the iPad.

The book aims to help teachers utilise technology to inspire and engage children with their writing. In all my training, I discuss how using the iPad can motivate children to write if they know their writing isn't going to be left lifeless in their books but brought to life and transformed into a digital story.

The new book aims to do that for a range of different non-fiction text types including- instructions, persuasion, non-chronological reports, recount, explanation, newspaper report, biography and discussion.

The book also promotes the use of camouflage learning with each unit focusing on an interesting and engaging stimulus. Each unit consists of lessons that help students use the iPad to firstly discuss and identify features for each text type and then transform children's writing into a range of different digital stories including TV adverts, stop motion animation films, eBooks, podcasts, radio show and even an app!

Each lesson has a step by step guide to using each app and is linked clearly to the new primary curriculum.

You can click the picture to pre-order a copy of the book or follow this link - PRE-ORDER HERE

To get the most from this new book, I would highly recommend also buying Mat Sullivan and Alan Peat's 'Ultimate Guide to Non-Fiction' book -

With both books, I am sure teachers will have a wealth of ideas to improve children's writing and transform learning with modern technology.

If you do get a copy of the book, I would love to hear any feedback and would love to see any examples of work created using ideas from the book. You can tweet me or message my facebook page.

Keep an eye out for the next book - 50+ iPad ideas for fiction writing!


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