Kids: Take Your Daily Maths Vidamins! Guest Blog by @ghammondmaths

Here is another fantastic idea from @ghammondmaths, if you haven't already seen his previous work linked to Maths SATs revision guides please follow this link.

Kids: Take Your Daily Maths Vidamins!

Whether you are a teacher or a parent, you will always be concerned about your childrens’ maths “health”. Do they have a healthy appetite for maths? Are they improving, growing and exercising their mathematical brains regularly? Along with their 5-a-day fruit + vegetables, why not provide them with their 1-a-day maths Vidamin? These Vidamins (mini-videos) aim to build strength and fluency across different topics by providing a daily, short (5 minute) maths exercise and video solution. 

This is a colourful and child-friendly PDF file containing hundreds of hyperlinks to Youtube videos on @ghammondmaths’ Youtube Channel. In fact, there is one different Vidamin for every day of the year! The links could be used by teachers as daily starters in maths lessons or the file could be placed on a school website, so children can access the videos easily every night as a mini-maths homework. Parents should support their child watching the videos as part of a daily routine. 

The videos are suitable for 9-11 year-olds i.e. Year 5 and Year 6 in preparation for their SATs exams or suitable for Year 7 to support/ reinforce prior learning or weaknesses. There are also links to “Thinking Outside the Box” puzzles and videos which children love and links to extension problems for the more able students.

You can also download a record sheet for each month so watching of each daily video could be ticked off by a parent/teacher if desired. Enjoy! 

Download the file shown in the picture HERE and get it on your school website! The links work on ipads/iphones/tablets and PCs.

You can also download @ghammondmaths  SATS topic PDFs with Youtube links and past SATS papers with Youtube links from HERE
Please follow @ghammondmaths on Twitter for further updates!

I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to Gareth for all his hard work in creating this amazing resources and sharing it with us! Please tweet him and let him know what you think and how you use it in class!


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