SpellFix - Engage children with their Spelling!

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The latest apps released from the Alan Peat Ltd team are the FREE SpellFix apps. The apps are a series of games where children have to read a description of a word and attempt to spell it using a series of letters provided!

The latest addition - SpellFix Y3-Y6 Word Lists, is fantastic for the KS2 classroom. As a focused spelling activity or independent challenge, children relish this game!

They think carefully about the clues and what word it maybe and if they still struggle, use the hint option to reveal the first two letters.

I would highly recommend this app! It has become the app children choose and use if they finish a task early or if I am doing a guided reading activity. The independently go and grab a dictionary to check words and it has become quite competitive between children in certain classes trying to get to the furthest level.

Screenshots of the game

Along with Alan's other word game apps - Any Word and Word Juice, this is another app that will have your class begging to play and experiment with words and make spelling more enjoyable and accessible for children.

As I had a group of Year 5 boys with me for a short session this afternoon, Spellfix had them all focused, engaged and motivated!


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