Reading with Augmented Reality

If you follow my blog, you will see I am a big fan of using Augmented Reality. Today, we used it to help develop reading while building positive relationships between children from different year groups.

With the children bogged down with SATs, I thought this would be an enjoyable activity that children would relish.

Before the start of the day, I went over to KS1 and took a range of different home reading books.

I also created a set of stickers with instructions for how this will work for the KS1 children - 

During the session, I ended up working with all the girls from Year 5. I explained that I wanted them to use the iPad to record a video where they read the book. However, to challenge the Year 5, I also asked them to think of questions they could ask KS1 children. This really got them thinking as they had to make sure they created questions appropriate for the audience. They generated questions about the story, key words and making mistakes for the reader to pick up on. 

They created the videos on Explain Everything and used the exported film to create their own Aura in the Aurasma. Once completed, the book was now interactive with KS1 children able to use a smart phone or tablet to scan the title page with the instructional sticker to have a video played back to them with the story narrated by Year 5 with challenging questions. This video shows the process and some examples - 

It was a fantastic activity and one the children really enjoyed. It is another great way to use technology to enhance learning but also make brilliant links between key stages. The sense of responsibility in the KS2 children to create interesting videos and the eagerness in the KS1 children to get their hands on an interactive home reading book.

This is just one of the many ideas Mr P shares on his INSET and training, if you are interested please visit THIS LINK.


  1. Wow! I'm still learning the power of Twitter! I asked a question today about Aurasma and was connected with you for possible support. Now I'm getting hooked into your blog! :-)
    I teach technology classes in Michigan-Kindergarten through 5th grade. I am trying to have students share book review videos they created with Tellagami.
    Did you have your students create their own accounts in Aurasma to create the auras or did they all use one account. I would really love Aurasma to be successful but am not finding it to be very user friendly as this is my second attempt and I'm still stumbling! It will work on my own ipad and then it worked on a student ipad but not consistently.
    Thanks so much for any tips or advice you can share! You have a new follower on Twitter! :-)


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