FunTalk - Animated interviewing on the iPad

I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this app since Steve (@iPadEducators) shared it with me a while back.

FunTalk has just been released and it a great app for creating interviews between two animated characters.

It is similar to apps like Puppetpals, Tellagami, Morfo Booth and Plotagon. It gives children the opportunity to be creative and bring learning to life.

The app allows you to choose two characters and record audio as each character. It also allows you to add actions for each character as the other one speaks. If they disagree, they can be angry or put their thumbs down. If one character tells a joke, the other can laugh hysterically. It is another great way for children to demonstrate their understanding of a particular character by demonstrating how they would react to certain questions or answers.

At present, there are limited characters, but I am sure this will grow with further updates. It would be incredible if you were able to design your own character, which is a great new feature in plotagon!

There are so many ways this app could be used in class: interviews between story characters, retelling events of the past, debating an issue and commentating on an event are just a couple that spring to mind!

What is best about this app is that it is currently FREE, so download it now HERE!

Here is an example of what you can make on the app -

If you use this with your class, please tweet me examples of their work!


  1. I currently don't have tablets in my school. Is there a website that I could let my class go onto to create videos something similar to what you have shown above?

  2. This looks like great app! I tried to download this but it says "not available in UK iTunes Store". Is it from the US Store?




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