Turning 30!

Warning - This blog post has no ideas for use in the classroom!

Tomorrow, I turn 30. I don't know why, but I felt compelled to write about it! I am not dreading turning the big 3-0 as many of my friends are, in fact, I embrace growing older as see it as a beautiful thing, a privilege denied to many. What turning 30 has made me do is reflect, reflect on everything I have done and look at everything I want to do.

I am an extremely lucky man. I have an incredible family, wonderful wife, beautiful children and have an amazing job working as a teacher and running my own business training teachers and working with schools all over the country. I am lucky and often think I don't deserve to do it. My wife soon reminds me how hard I have worked for this. To be where I am now, I have worked incredibly hard, things have worked in my favour and I believe this happens when you strive and pursue something. That doesn't just apply to my job, working hard as a husband and father too is just as important.

Back when I was 18
The question was put to me the other day - 'If you could have a conversation with yourself at 18, what would you say?' Obviously, the choice in previous girlfriends was the first thing that came to mind 😉, however, when I thought about it, I realised I wouldn't change anything, as it has led me to be where I am today. I managed to think of some advice I would bestow upon my younger self -

  • Appreciate the time you have! You will never get it back, make the most of it and enjoy every experience. Time is the most precious thing you have! I don't know whether I have realised this turning 30 or being a Dad, either way make the most of it!
  • Listen to your Mum and Dad - they are right on almost everything and you will realise this sooner rather than later.
  • Teaching is both really hard but equally as rewarding - You have a job to educate and care for the most important person in many people's lives, it is a privilege and a joy, don't lose sight of that. 
  • Play as much sport as possible at the highest level you can - there will be a time when you can't and you will look back and reminisce.
  • Forgive people - Life is too short to hold grudges about certain things from the past, if people have learnt and matured, learn to forgive. You will make plenty of mistakes and want forgiveness too. 
  • See the positive in everything you do - you will have set-backs, obstacles and negativity thrown at you, learn from it and move forward, don't give up on what you want. 
  • Don't judge people without knowing them - everyone has a story and there will be a reason for their behaviour, be understanding, you may not be friends with them but respect them.
  • Accept change! People change, you will change, your relationships with friends and family will change, don't worry or get upset about it, true mates will always be there. 
  • Man Utd won't stay invincible forever - Make the most of them winning now, tough times lie ahead!
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It then got me thinking about what I might say to myself when I reach 50 and could speak to myself at 30. What would I say? It helped me think about goals I want to set myself at this tender age!
  • Run - Keep fit, your body is slowing down and so it harder to stay in shape and easier to put weight on. Your body is an incredible machine but not invincible, take care of it.
  • Eat less rubbish! See above.
  • Be more like your Dad - My Dad is my hero, his selfless attitude to make sure we had the best childhood possible is something you strive to do. 
  • Make your Mum proud - Don't think because you're older you are anything less important, even if she is softer with the grandkids. 
  • Don't take people for granted, especially your wife! She has made the choice to spend the rest of her life with you, make it the right choice!
  • Be the man you want your sons to grow up to be and the man your daughter wants to be with. Treat her like a princess and trust she will make good choices (even though it will be hard to bite your tongue.)
  • Support and encourage the kids in everything they do, it might not be what you like but they should be given the opportunity and platform to excel in anything they are interested in. This also applies to being a teacher with children in your class!
  • Carry on inspiring and innovating - nothing makes you more proud than receiving messages from teachers thanking you for inspiring and improving their teaching. Continue to help children achieve and believe in themselves.
  • Accept people will steal ideas without crediting you! The ideas are there for people to use, most will also thank you or give you a nod. Take it as a compliment if they don't, don't let it make you angry. As long as you can continue to generate new, useful ideas you will be ok. 
  • Continue to write - continue with the blog, ebooks and books. It is simple, the more you write the better you are. 
  • Put the phone down! I know you don't want to miss a new idea or app or interesting lesson but being a Dad and Husband is more important... Don't forget this.
  • Man United will be back winning trophies - this is just a phase, we will be back at the top of the league before long. However, England will still always lose on penalties!
  • Leonardo Di Caprio will win an oscar - I know he has deserved it before and this has annoyed you but he will get it soon enough!
  • Hangovers will get worse - To quote a great line -  'When you drink alcohol, you are just borrowing happiness from tomorrow!'
  • Appreciate the time you have -  You will never get it back, make the most of it and enjoy every experience. Time is the most precious thing you have, make the most of it!
I am sorry if I have just wasted your time in reading this. As a teacher who promotes blogging, I wanted to publish this so in 20 years I can look back and see if I achieved these goals!

I also want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has continued to support this blog and the training I am doing. It means so much to get positive feedback and motivates me to continue to work hard creating useful lessons and ideas for you to use. THANK YOU!


  1. Wise words indeed! Have a great birthday!

  2. Wise words indeed! Have a great birthday!

  3. What a lovely post!! Hope you had a great birthday! You really are an inspiration to teachers (and clearly husbands and fathers too!). :-)


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