Applying maths skills in real life situations!

My favourite way to use iPad in maths at the minute is to provide real life situations for them to apply their maths knowledge.

I have previously blogged about this here and here. Gareth Metcalfe's brilliant resources First Class Maths and The Maths Apprenticeship are great examples of this too.

One of the best apps for this is Motion Math Pizza! A favourite with children as they have to run and manage their own pizza shop! Without knowing it, children are using their math knowledge in different ways in an engaging and purposeful manner. 

Motion Math have recently released a new app - Cupcakes, which after using today is just as good if not better that Pizza!

What I love about Cupcakes is that it works on different aspects of maths including two and three step word problems, co-ordinates, fractions and much much more! There is so much engaging content to hook children and again is a great example of Camouflage Learning! 

Although both these apps focus mainly on numeracy, there are great links to literacy too. Creating adverts for the shop, writing persuasive descriptions for the pizzas or cupcakes, using the gameplay to write instructions are just a few ideas! All I know from using these apps are that the children are hooked and using their maths knowledge in an engaging and purposeful way!


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