SPAG revision on the iPad with Sentopiary!

Sentopiary is an app that I came across a couple of weeks ago and is a fantastic way to support and challenge children with their understanding of grammar.

The app has two modes to play - a free 'create' mode that allows children to simply build sentences by using a grammar-based tree structure.

The challenge mode tests children's understanding of different word types by identifying them in a sentence. There are 4 levels of difficulty covering different terms and tenses.

Level 1: Students build sentences with articles, nouns, pronouns and verbs in the present tense.

Level 2: Students expand their sentences with adjectives, direct objects, and past and future verb tenses.

Level 3: Students add prepositional phrases to both noun phrases and verb phrases.

Level 4: Students build sentences that incorporate adverbs and progressive verb tenses.

This is an app I have been looking out for! A fantastic interactive way to practise some SPAG! This app has been a welcome break for our students working towards the SPAG test. While I don't agree with the test, I recognise that teachers are looking for more engaging and interesting ways to teach children different grammar terms. The game is structured to allow children to work independently and with different levels can be differentiated for a range of abilities. So if you have iPads in your KS2 classroom, this app is well worth a look for grammar lessons or as a literacy warm up activity. You can read more about the app - here.

On my facebook page, there is a chance to win a FREE copy of the app! Visit my page to see more details and watch a video of the app in action.

FREE APP COMPETITION - We have three free codes up for grabs for the brilliant Sentopiary app. It is a great way for...
Posted by ICT with Mr P on Sunday, April 19, 2015


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