The #OurClassroom Challenge

I came across this powerful video last week on Facebook -

I felt incredibly inspired to do something similar with my class. I didn't show my class this video, instead our school has adopted a new 'Values' curriculum this year. This involves having a focused value each month and leading whole school assemblies, PSHCE lessons and other activities based on each value. This month's value is 'Tolerance' which fits nicely with the message in the above video. 

So we did a little activity looking at how we are different some ways but the same in others. To share how much we respect and appreciate each other in the class, we created this video titled - #OurClassroom

So I have a challenge for you and every teacher around the world to create your own #OurClassroom short video. What does your class stand for? How are they unique? How is it a special and accepting place to learn?

The above video was all made on an iPad, using iMovie, Doink Greenscreen and Cloud Art. I would love to see other efforts which I can share with this class, hopefully inspiring to write more about it. If you are worried about posting images of the children, we didn't use the whole class in this video, ones who don't have permission for images to be used online weren't featured.
You could have voice recordings using Adobe Voice, use writing children have produced or even record a song using Garageband. Lots of possibilities and a great activity to build relationships as a whole class.

If you do create one, please share it by adding a link on the Padlet wall below -


  1. We enjoyed your challenge and have posted our video on your padlet :) Keep up the great learning. From the Hoiho Class of Kokatahi-Kowhitirangi School New Zealand.


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