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I am not a fan of the SPAG test. I think it is an awful way to assess children's understanding, however, I know plenty of teachers are having to teach for the test and struggling to make it accessible and interesting to their pupils.

I have previously blogged a few ideas for how you can use the iPad to make SPAG a little more exciting here.

As a school, we have been using Dave Godfrey's Number Fun songs for the past few years to help children remember number facts. This was after receiving some amazing numeracy training from Anthony Reddy. It has worked brilliantly to help children recall different facts. It has made me consider using the same approach to help children understand different grammar terms. So here are a few examples that you may find useful in the classroom - 

I am a massive fan of Flocabulary, teaching different topics through hip hop. Here is one of their videos all about prefixes -

See more videos from Flocabulary here.

Similes and Metaphors by The Bazillions -

See more videos from The Bazillions here.

Noun Town -

Grammaropolis have lots of similar videos that can be played here.

Contractions -

You can see more Grammar songs from Melissa here.

Pronouns -

Verb Rap -

I hope you find them useful, I know my students are!


  1. Is it possible to download and save these videos to passport please? I'm supply and some schools have computers that need three days to load up. ( only a slight exaggeration ) 😁


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