Retelling Shakespeare with the iPad

For everyone who has attended my training sessions or followed my blog will know I use technology to enhance and improve learning in the classroom. I don't want it to replace writing, instead use the iPad as a tool to engage, inspire and enhance the writing process. This recent project is another example of this.

Over the past half term, I have been working with a Year 4 cohort. I wanted to see whether using the iPad as a tool would engage children with older literature and provide them with tools to create their own versions. Using one of Shakespeare's most famous plays 'Romeo and Juliet,' the students read the story, created freezeframes, turned these into comic strips and created short videos and animations to help retell the story. This media was then linked to their comic strips to create interactive digital comics that have been proudly shared on our school blog.

The level of engagement towards this project from the children has been incredible. Their level of understanding of the plot and characters is impressive. We even had a visitor from New Zealand, keen to see our iPads in action, blown away by the enthusiasm and knowledge of the children. Here is a video of the project -

Here is an example of one of the finished interactive digital comics -

This project will be discussed in much more detail at my upcoming conference with Alan Peat. On Friday 12th June in Manchester we will be delivering a BRAND NEW course, with a whole range of ideas similar to this one. There are still a couple of remaining tickets.
Watch the video below for an outline of the course - 


  1. These look brilliant - what an innovative way to inspire and engage learners.
    What app have you used to create these comics if you don't mind me asking?


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