Interviewing the "Big Bad" Wolf

One of the best writing opportunities when looking at traditional fairytales is writing alternative stories from different points of view. Using the children's knowledge of the original story but trying a put a creative spin by looking at a different side.

There are a couple of videos that can help with this, including -

Which would be great for KS2. Today I was working with KS1 so decided to use this as our starting point - 

A great little video that provides a fine example of a traditional tale told from a different perspective. We discussed the video - the wolf's reasons, whether we believed him or not and whether if this was the true story would have been as interesting/memorable. To test the children's understanding, I asked them to interview the wolf using an app on the iPad. 

There are plenty of apps that allow children to take a photo and animate it. Morfo booth is a favourite, but today we used another. Yakit Kids allows you to animate a picture by adding animated facial features, recording your voice and adding other effects. It also allows you to add in different scenes so you can create a conversation. The only negative to this app is that a video can only be 15 seconds long. It is a fantastic way to have have more fun in a cartoon style of creation. It is also very accessible for KS1 children. 
Using the app, children thought of questions they wanted to ask the wolf and recorded themselves but made some slight adjustments to their faces. They then recorded the reply as the wolf. 

It was a fun, engaging way for the children to put themselves in another character's shoes and justify the wolf's actions. This app can be used in so many different ways and what is best about it, is that it is completely free! Here are some of the children's efforts - 


  1. An excellent resource, will be adapting this to use for some journalistic writing. Keep up all the hard work-as it is teachers like you that inspire others to carry on :-(

  2. Another excellent resource shared - many thanks.


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