Enhancing Speaking and Listening in EYFS

I have been working in Nursery over the past few weeks. I have been looking at ways in which the iPads can be used to help enhance learning in the EYFS classroom. We have been focusing on using the iPads to help children develop their speaking and listening skills. Here are a couple of the activities we have done:

Children created a fact sheet all about polar bears, using the app Thinglink, we then recorded children sharing their facts and linking these to make an interactive fact poster -


Last week the children were learning all about the story - The Three Little Pigs! They listened to the story and using some talk for writing techniques were learning to retell it. To help with this, we used the iPads to turn the children into the characters from the story. Using the app 'Animal Face,' children took a picture of themselves and added features to transform them into one of the three little pigs or the big bad wolf.

Here is an animoto slideshow we made of the children's pictures -

We then used these pictures to record the children as the characters. To do this we used the app Chatterpix Kids. This app involves adding a picture and drawing a line across the character's mouth and then recording audio for up to 30 seconds. 

This app is great for the EYFS classroom and is easier for children to use over similar apps such as Morfo, iFunFace and Funny Movie Maker.

Below are some of their efforts:

Using a similar idea we have transformed children into their future selves using a fotobooth app. 

I have also done other iPad lessons based on the Three Little Pigs, including these Interactive Comics made using Thinglink, Read more about this lesson here.

Keep your eye out for more ideas we will be using in EYFS over the next few weeks!

Mr Parkinson can provide INSET and training for teachers looking to utilise technology to enhance learning across the curriculum - more details here. 


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    I am wondering if you can please explain how you got the videos from the thinglink app onto the pictures on your blog. I am using weebly and have also installed the app for thinglink but can't seem to upload videos to the picture in my blog. I'd be very grateful if you can direct me to some instructions. I find your blog a huge inspiration for my own teaching - thanks


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