A Fun Alternative to Bookmarking - Guest Post by Alex Jones

Bookmarks have long been a tool that people have used to keep track of the items that are the most important to them. Unfortunately, bookmarks are very manual and after you have saved one, they can sometimes be difficult to recall especially if you have a lot of them.
Not only do you have to be on the same computer that the bookmark was saved on, but you are also not able to share these bookmarks with others. In the teaching world, there can be a great benefit when teachers are able to share particular items with other teachers as well as students and their parents.
Treycent has been designed to help with this issue. You first upload links to your favorite documents, presentations and video to the website (treycent.com). These items can then be recalled using any mobile browser or your Google Chrome desktop browser.
This means that teachers will no longer have a difficult time uploading presentations to a device other than their computer. They can also share them easily with their students and other teachers! With simple voice command, the teacher will not even need a keyboard to recall the crucial information.
So, what is the benefit in this system? Other than the fact that you can easily share the information with others, you will find that it is a great time saving device and its a lot of fun too.
Setting up the system is easy as well. You will simply create the voice command that you wish to use and attach the URL for the document. Tip: if you want to reuse the voice command, simply change the URL and keep the voice command unchanged.
Another benefit of this system is that you will be able to share your voice commands with other teachers and students as well and they will be able to view your content. Treycent is a fantastic program that will help you to save time and give you more tools to share vital information with others.

This demo video shows how it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_wn6kLFBG


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