Using Augmented Reality to Inspire Augmented Reality - Aliens in the Classroom!!!

The Year 1/2 class I work with had an extremely enjoyable day today when they discovered Aliens in the Classroom!

Using the App String, children were able to scan a picture and see an alien moving around the classroom - an amazing WOW moment! String is a AR showcase app, there are plenty on the app store and they really inspire some great writing opportunities. To see examples of this - click here.

The children then wrote short description about their new classmate and drew a picture. Using the iPad children then interviewed their alien using Morfo and also created a news report using Tellagami.

Then using Aurasma, the children's iPad work was then linked to the children's work. The children's writing was used as the trigger image:

Here is a link to all the other descriptions or trigger images that link to the children's videos - click here.

To view the Auras, you will need to open the Aurasma app, click search - find davyhulme and follow or like. You should then be able to then scan the above images and see the linked digital content! The future of displays in my eyes! How to bring displays alive by scanning pictures and writing to display all the digital work children produce on iPads. I have previously blogged about using Augmented Reality in the classroom and you can read it here. Otherwise enjoy the project below:


  1. Do the children use i pads for all their work? Will books be done away with in the upper primary or is there a mixture of both?

  2. No not at all, we try to use the iPads to enhance and enrich the core skills we teach such as reading, writing and arithmetic. There should be a fine balance with both. As you can see in the example above the children were first inspired to write because of the technology, and then enhance their writing by linking it with the animations they had also created.


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