10 iPad Lessons for World Book Day!

This week celebrates World Book Day (Thursday 6th March,) although I hoped to share these ideas a little earlier, I have been stuck in bed ill for the past few days so have been unable to do so.

However here are 10 ideas for celebrating World Book day using iPads. Well not all are strictly iPad based, but more incorporating some aspect of technology into your World Book Day theme.

1. Extreme Reading - This was something we did as a whole school last year. The idea is that you ask parents to take pictures of children reading in the most weird and peculiar place. We had over 200 entries and children really enjoyed creating and sharing their efforts. It really promoted how we value reading as a school and the two massive displays within the school reflect this.

2. Blog a Book Review - Fairly straightforward for those schools who blog, but get your class to choose their favourite book and blog a book review. Remind the children that when it is blogged it will be shared with a worldwide audience and therefore may influence people from around the world to read it. If you are not blogging - WHY NOT? If you need help or support contact me and I can help getting a blog up and running in your school.

3. Twitter - So you have created blog book reviews, why not now use twitter to contact the authors of those books. Most of them are on twitter and most are happy to comment. This can have a huge impact on children knowing the REAL author of the book has taken the time to read their work. I know only to well when Henry Winter responded to my Stepson's football report - 

As well as using twitter to contact authors, you can use the constraint of twitter for children to create book reviews. Can children review a book as a tweet? a rebus using emoji? or even a vine? I have recently blogged about using contraints in writing and the exciting challenges they present children. To read some of these ideas - CLICK HERE. Further to this you could create a writing challenge dice to set rules for a book review. Using the app Foldify, you can create the net of a cube and write different challenges to include in their book reviews.

4. QR Codes - Creating QR codes of blog book reviews can also be an interesting way to share children's work. Copy the blog address of the book review and visit qrstuff.com to create your QR code. This can be stuck in children's books, displayed on noticeboards or at Parents Evening for Parents to read. If your school has a library, children can stick QR codes of book reviews into books in the library, so others can scan and read the reviews before choosing that book.

5. Explain Everything - Use this app for children to create a video of themselves reading one of or an exert from their favourite book. I can't take credit for this video but here is how:

6. Telligami - Create a animated book reviews using Telligami. This great free app allows you to add a background (picture of the book,) design an avatar and then record 30 seconds to review their book. The app allows you to either record the children's voices (great for KS1) or type out text for it to be read by one of the computer generated voices. The second option is great for older children as it responds to punctuation, meaning if they have forgotten full stops it will be read that way. Here is an example of Telligami in action:

7. Aurasma - Once the children have created their Telligami videos, why not bring them to life by creating Auras and interactive displays. Aurasma will allow you to program the iPad to recognise a trigger image (picture of the book cover) and when recognised will display digital content such as the Telligami video. To read more about Augmented Reality in the classroom - CLICK HERE.

8. Film Trailer - Using iMovie Trailers really challenge the children by asking them to create a film trailer for their favourite book. Children could watch some examples of trailers and pick out features before using the app to then create their own based on the book they have just read. It is a great, fun and challenging way for children to show their understanding of the story. To read more about how iMovie trailers can be used across the curriculum - CLICK HERE. 

9. Interview teachers about their favourite books - Why not create a podcast, using Audioboo, Thinglink or even BossJock of Teacher's favourite books. Ask the children to think of 3/4 questions to ask a teacher about their favourite book then use the iPad to record an interview with the teacher about their book. Try and make sure the children interview a different teacher than their own. Hopefully hearing a teacher speak enthusiastically about a book will make children want to read it themselves.

10. Create a Character Interview - Using an app such as Morfo, children can create an interview with a character from their favourite book. They can either retell the story from the character's point of view, explain reasons why a character acted in a certain way, what happened to the character after the story or give a back story to a character. Here is an example of some interviews using Morfo and famous Tudor people:

And there you have it 10 ideas for World Book Day! If you found them useful please share!

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