KS1 Topic "9 to 5" on the iPads

Each week, I work with a split Year 1/2 class. Since September I have been using the iPads to try and enhance learning in all the subjects I have been asked to cover. Although most of the children have access to iPads or similar technology at home, it has been a tough task getting quality work from the class using iPads. Even though most children can navigate around an iPad, turning the children from consumers to creators has been the challenge.

It has been a journey from September which has been more about getting children to follow instructions and working with independence. But with perseverance, I feel we are now at a stage where children are creating quality on the iPads.

The recent topic for the class has been "9 to 5." A topic based around working and different jobs. The children went on a trip to a local Krispy Kreme shop. To recount what the children did on the trip, they created slideshows using the app Shadow Puppets. This app allows you to add pictures and record audio while zooming and highlighting the picture.

A really simple yet effective app and one KS1 children seemed to be able to use and create some great recounts of their trips with. Here are some of the children's efforts:

As part of the topic, children have also been learning about different jobs within the school by interviewing different staff. To share and showcase what the children have learnt they used the app Morfo and brought pictures of some of the staff to life. Although it doesn't do the members of staff any justice and I apologise to them for that, the children loved this activity. 

It is a interesting and enjoyable way for children to share what they have learnt. Made the learning so much more captivating and by encouraging speaking and listening skills which can then help develop the children's writing. Here are some of the children's examples:

After the children had interviewed and learnt all about different jobs it was time for them to think about what they would like to do in years to come. To help inspire the class, they created pictures of themselves as the job they want to do. To do this they used the app Pic Collage. The children loved seeing themselves as a doctor, footballer and others. I have put all their pictures into a film using Animoto:

After the pictures were created, they were then used as a backdrop to a Tellagami, where children recorded an animation explaining why it is their dream job and what they need to do to achieve it. Again as a way to inspire the class and create a video which can be used to aid the writing process, it was a great activity. Now I feel the children are at a level where their listening skills and independence is at a point where they can focus on the quality of their work rather than knowing how to use certain apps. I look forward to some of the other work we will be doing using the iPads in KS1. Here are some of the children's tellagamis:


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