Mr P's Top Ten Videos of 2018

It has been another incredible year for my social media platforms. The opportunities, feedback and love I have received has been amazing! I want to thank every single person who has followed, shared or liked anything I've posted. It has been humbling to have my social media platforms recognised as I received the Social Media Saviour award this year:

I have also had the opportunity to create an exclusive CPD support part to my Facebook page. For £3.50 a month, you have access to video tutorials, CPD videos, discounts and a whole lot more. Tap the picture for more information.

I thought I would share a list of my top ten most popular videos of the year. You can rewatch and enjoy my Top Ten Videos of 2017 here. 

Mr P's TOP TEN VIDEO of 2018

10 - Me as a Teacher vs Me as a Parent

9 - The Struggles of a Teacher Administering a Test

8 - Now That's What I Call Being A Teacher Vol. 16 - Back to the 90s again!

Watch every Volume of Now That's What I Call Being a Teacher here:

7 - Mr P reads ‘Mummy laid an egg’

6 - Why teachers 👨‍🏫 have no patience 😡 by 9am!

5 - Teachers Anticipating a Snow Day!

4 - Appreciating the Unsung Heroes of Education

3 - Mr P reads Where Willy Went!

2 - If Alexa was voiced by a Teacher

1 - My Thoughts on the idea of Arming Teachers

I have also posted a video of my Top Ten Teacher Memes of 2018, you can watch this on Facebook.

As far as 2019, I want to continue to help and support teachers all over the world with a big focus on getting teachers and schools to work smarter, not harder as this video demonstrates:


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