Social Media Saviour Award!

I was so made up to receive an email recently by the team from @TeachPrimary and @TeachWire letting me know that I had won their first SOCIAL MEDIA SAVIOUR award:

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who voted. The competition was based purely on whoever received the most votes which means so much. It is wonderful to be recognised for something I put a lot of time and effort into. 

People often ask me how I do it: be a Dad, lead training all over the UK, teach, run the social media platforms, and I have to be honest it is hard. I sometimes don't prioritise my time properly and can struggle to switch off. However to know the impact my training and social media channels is having on teachers and classrooms all over the world is something very special. To receive messages from teachers saying that using ideas from my blog or training has produced the best writing or work they've seen, makes all the the hard work worth it. To now be recognised by winning this award means so much - again thank you.

I would also like to thank the team at Teach Primary magazine. Here's the announcement in this month's issue. Please read my comments on the right-hand side, it really sums up what motivates me to continue to share and inspire:


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