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You will have seen over the past half term I have been working on a very important topic with Year 4 inspired by the Greenpeace "There's a Rang-Tan in my Bedroom" advert.

This has since been used by Iceland Foods as their Christmas advert but has been banned from TV.

This has culminated in a very special project where my class have all become published authors.

To read what we have done so far, click the pictures:

The first link looks at the advert in more detail and the work my class produced writing in role as an Orangutan seeing their home destroyed. 

The next post looks at the letters my class have written to all the companies with links to dirty palm oil and the responses we have received.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been learning more about Orangutans. We started by generating questions we wanted to find the answers to and then looked at researching on the internet to find the answers to the questions. This gave me the opportunity to discuss and teach the children about researching and how to do it effectively. 

The children used their research to create interviews with the Orangutan using the app Animate Anything:

Every pair was then given a question to answer and using the app Book Creator, they designed a page sharing the knowledge and understanding linked to the question. The finished pages were then combined to make a class eBook. What we decided to do with this eBook is publish it onto the iBooks store. Click here to learn how we did this. 

We decided to sell it for 49p with all the proceeds going to help the Orangutans. You can download the eBook by clicking the picture:

Since its release, I have been astounded by the response! Over the weekend, I watched it shoot up the iBooks store chart, eventually peaking at number 8! That's 8 out of every eBook on the iBooks store. Yes, not only have my class become published authors with a book that has a proper ISBN number but at one point over the weekend they were the author of the 8th best selling eBook in the UK! 

So the next time you hear a teacher question how technology is a waste of time, a gimmick or adds little to learning, show them this blog post. 

Here are my class with the money they have raised so far:

They will be splitting the money between the WWF and Greenpeace. They have already used some of this money to adopt an Orangutan. 


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