Two Mr Ps in a Pod(Cast)

I've just returned from the best holiday with my amazing family in Florida. We had such an amazing time.

While having a chat at night with my brother we got onto the topic of making a Podcast. My younger brother works as a HLTA in a primary school and from sharing stories about life in the classroom, we decided to give it a go. And so I am proud to introduce:

Two Mr Ps in a Pod(Cast)

The idea of the podcast is to share funny stories from the classroom. What makes teaching one of the best jobs in the world is that no day is ever the same, and some of the things that happen and what children say keep us laughing through the current stress and pressure of our profession. We want to use this podcast to bring humour back into schools and show its not all doom and gloom. 

We want to hear from you too! What stories do you have from the classroom? Please share them here:

So we have just released our first episode. If you have an Apple device, you can listen to it here:

It is also available on SoundCloud:

It is also available on Audioboom:

We would love to know your thoughts and would love your support, so if you do like the podcast, please subscribe, rate and review.


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